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Continuous Provision

Continuous provision ensures that children are provided with the necessary resources to enable them to achieve the same learning outcomes, whilst accessing both indoor and outdoor play. These outcomes are the foundations that are then built upon by the addition of enhanced provision and directed activities.

Continuous Provision is:

  • Of high quality

  • A fundamental entitlement to accessible learning opportunities in all settings

  • Always available, providing learning experiences across all areas of the curriculum

  • A well organised environment with a wide range of activities and resources

  • Available indoors and outdoors

  • Progressive play

  • Flexible


Continuous Provision must offer:


  • Choice - this does not have to be unlimited

  • Variety

  • Stimulation and challenge - opportunities to extend learning

  • Opportunities for consolidation

  • In depth exploration - time and space to follow interests

  • Time to watch before interacting

  • Opportunities for independent (not abandoned) learning

  • Appropriate support and encouragement

  • Opportunities to make decisions

  • Children ownership of their play


Continuous provision, inside and outside, must include:

  • Large construction

  • Games and puzzles

  • Mark making

  • Role play

  • Book area

  • Sand

  • Water

  • Painting

  • Small world

  • Creative workshop

  • Investigation and Discovery

  • Malleable materials


The role of the practitioner is crucial in:

  • Planning and resourcing a challenging environment

  • Supporting children's learning through planned play activity

  • Extending and supporting children's spontaneous play

  • Extending and developing children's language and communication in their play

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