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The Role of a Key person

At Little Sunbeams we operate a keyperson system, which means that each child is allocated a member of staff that becomes the child's 'special' person while they are at pre-school. This member of staff is responsible for monitoring the progress of each child, ensuring that the individual needs are being met and also the needs of their families, and to complete an online Learning Journey Record (Tapestry) for each child.

The most important part of a keyperson's role is to ensure that each child and their family settle in at pre-school and that you as parents feel comfortable and happy when leaving your children in our care.

Each keyperson is supported by a co-keyperson to ensure that someone 'special' is available for each child at every session. By working together with you and your child these members of staff will get to know your child's interests and preferences, and will ensure that these are reflected within our continual planning, to encourage your child to further develop his/her skills and abilities, through play.

You will be informed of your child's allocated keyperson and co-keyperson before your child joins the setting and we hope that together, you will build a strong, trusting relationship. However if for any reason you feel that an allocated member of staff is not suitable as a supporter for your child, then please speak to us and we will endeavour to solve the issue raised, or we will allocate another member of staff to your child.

It is important that you feel you can speak to your child's keyperson in confidence, as information from home is crucial to ensure that we can support your child in all areas of his/her personal development.

Your child's keyperson, or co-keyperson, will usually be available before and after sessions for a general chat, or you can arrange an appointment with them. When your child leaves our setting you will be given an opportunity to download your child's online learning journal for you to keep as a record of the learning and development that your child has achieved during their time at Little Sunbeams. 

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