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Welcome to Little Sunbeams Pre-school.

Little Sunbeams is a registered Early Years Education (EYE) provider and we are inspected by Ofsted. We are a member of the Early Years Alliance (EYA) which is the largest single provider of education and care for young children in the UK. With the support of both the EYA and Services for Young Children, we aim to provide a high standard of care and education for all our children.

We are based at Waypoint Church (formerly Locks Heath Free Church)  in Titchfield Common and even though we are not officially linked to the Church, we do have a strong relationship with them which we believe is of great benefit to both parties.

Little Sunbeams is a committee run pre-school, whose members consist of parents and members of the local community. All parents of our children are welcome to join our committee if they wish to do so. Please speak to a member of our staff for more information if you feel you may be interested in joining.

We are a registered charity and a non-profit making organisation. This enables us to fundraise and therefore in turn to enhance the provision and resources for children in our care.

We offer care to children from the age of 2 years old until school age, and we operate a keyperson system to ensure each child and their family, are given the opportunity to build a strong, positive relationship with an adult within the setting.

We have fully qualified staff in attendance at each session and a qualified First Aider is also present at all times. All of our main staff are also Makaton trained. 

Our aim is to enhance the learning and development of children under statutory school age, in a community based group, by providing children with the opportunity to join with other children and adults, while learning and developing together, through play.

We aim to provide a safe, secure, enabling environment, where individuals are valued and each child is regarded as unique. We ensure equality of opportunity for all our children, our families and our staff.

We encourage parents and carers to join us in pre-school and we look forward to welcoming your family into our group, and hope that by communicating and working together, we can ensure that your child's time spent at Little Sunbeams Pre-school proves to be a happy and rewarding experience for you all.

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